The Jungle Book


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Mowgli is a child who is found in the jungle by some wolves.
He lives with the animals but it’s not easy for a human cub to be trained by a panther and to play with a bear.
Shere Khan the tiger wants to kill and eat him but Mowgli can defend himself very well.
Find out his adventures in the jungle!

This book includes a simplified version of the famous work by Ruyard Kipling “The Jungle Book” and provides a series of exercises to test the reader’s comprehension. It also has got a glossary at the end of each chapter and, moreover, it offers an on-line support with games and activities to improve the student’s knowledge of the English language in an easy and funny way.

Download the audio book:
The Jungle Book – chapter 1
The Jungle Book – chapter 2
The Jungle Book – chapter 3

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