A Christmas Carol and other Christmas stories

A Christmas Carol and other stories

A Christmas Carol and other stories

Valentina La Motta (a cura di)

Scuola Secondaria di primo grado – Libro Scolastico
Prezzo: € 6.50
Pagine 64
Codice ISBN = 9788898353033

Scrooge is an old business man. He only cares about money. He is alone and hates Christmas, but three ghosts come to visit him on Christmas Eve and his life will completely change. The shadows of Christmas past, present and future will teach a very important lesson.

Martin is an old cobbler. He learns an important lesson of love from the Bible. He will be generous and kind to every people in trouble and, at the end, he will find God.

An old man who lives all alone receives a great and rich Christmas parcel from his daughter but he knows there is no love inside. He will explain the postman the reason why he isn’t happy of that gift.

A rich countess has got three children and gives them money for Christmas. They can buy whatever they prefer. Every child spends the money for his/her favourite toy but one of them realises to have something special to do, and someone to help…

This book includes a simplified version of old classics and other Christmas stories. and provides a series of exercises to test the reader’s comprehension. It presents different works, more or less known, by Charles Dickens, Lev Tolstoj, Bruno Ferrero and Carlo Collodi. It also has got a glossary at the end of each chapter and, moreover, it offers
an on-line support with games and activities to improve the student’s knowledge of the English language in an easy and funny way.

Download the audio book:
A Christmas Carol – chapter 1
A Christmas Carol – chapter 2
A Christmas Carol – chapter 3
A Christmas Carol – chapter 4
A Christmas Carol – chapter 5
Christmas Time
Martin’s Christmas
The gift in the closet

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