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"A Christmas Carol and other Christmas stories" Quiz game

The two gentlemen in Scrooge's office ask for money to help...?
old people
poor people

In "A Christmas Carol" why does Marley visit Scrooge?
to scare him
to kidnap him
to warn him
to reproach him

In "A Christmas Carol" what can the torch of the third spirit do?
it makes people cry
it makes people kinder
it makes people smile
it makes people unhappy

Who is Tiny Tim?
Scrooge's nephew
Jacob Marley's son
Bob Cratchit's son
Scrooge's partner

Who is the author of "Christmas Time" story?
Carlo Collodi
Leonardo Sciascia
Italo Calvino
Luigi Pirandello

In "Christmas Time" why should be Pulcinella angry?
it is terribly dressed
it is terribly treated
it is terribly combed
it is terribly fed

Who is the author of "Martin's Christmas" short story?
Lev Tolstoj
Fëdor Dostoevskij
Michail Bulgakov
Boris Leonidovič Pasternak

In "Martin's Christmas" Martin reads a story and compares himself to...
a rich jew
a poor jew
a rich pharisee
a poor pharisee

Who is the author of "The gifts in the closet" short story?
Carlo Collodi
Bruno Ferrero
Giosuè Carducci
Andrea Camilleri

In "The gifts in the closet" the old man is...

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